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Welcome to Mindhaus Counselling

Creating the right conditions is key to the success of the therapeutic and coaching process. Clients tend to be more receptive to these practices when they are conducted in their own relaxed environment. The support will be tailored around your requirements with counselling and coaching being offered in the comfort of your own home, workplace or remote location via various video conferencing applications.

Mindhaus can provide short-term counselling and coaching to help you move forward. If more appropriate, longer-term psychotherapy may be offered allowing for a broader exploration of how past experiences impact your ability to cope in the present.

Our aim at Mindhaus is to help you explore your inner self, thus facilitating a healthier state of mind and well being. The work is viewed as a labour of love and Mindhaus are committed to helping you feel valued, understood and supported.

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    See how Mindhaus has helped other clients
    Daniel, London

    “I met Ioannes at the end of 2020, clearly a difficult and complicated year for everyone and I was already struggling with issues from many years ago. I was desperately seeking professional help and someone with a very personal touch to listen to me and guide me with kindness. 

    As soon as I began sessions with Ioannes, I clicked with him and realised how easy he was to talk to. Open-minded, clear, and a great professional. I was lifeless, ashamed, and trapped in myself but thanks to Ioannes, I finally was able to start taking back control of my personal life and relationship and building a new future. Ioannes you are the best!”

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    Frederick, London

    “I was introduced to Ioannes’ expertise through my diagnosis of a chronic condition. It was at this point that I was merely existing, rather than thriving. I was very cautious and apprehensive of therapy. I had never put my emotions and truths in the hands of another individual. However, Ioannes created a safe atmosphere that was very conducive to me sharing my true emotions. I can safely say that it is through therapy that I have been able to regain control of my life and plan ahead for the future. Ioannes goes the extra mile and creates a personal connection with his clients. He has a plethora of helpful bespoke material to assist each client in their respective paths to achieving completeness in their lives. I completely trust Ioannes and am confident that he has my best interests in mind during each session. His guidance is key and has made me infinitely more confident in myself and my future.”

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    Sergio, London

    “Found Ioannes to be very easygoing and someone who could relate to me. The safe place that was created enabled me to gain awareness and understanding of how things work in my life which ultimately allowed me to find the means to resolve my own issues. I found this therapy to be very effective and I highly recommend Ioannes!”

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